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Patrick van Vuuren

Software Developer | Scrum Master

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Hi, my name is Patrick van Vuuren. I'm a Software Engineer and Scrum Master at Proforto in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Building new and better software every day, in an agile environment, is what I love to do. I'm always eager to experiment with new tools and languages to improve myself.

In my personal daily life I love to compete in latin dancing, watch soccer, enjoy life and be around friends and family.

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React Redux & Websockets

React Redux & Websockets

In the previous year, the popularity of React has grown immense, but so did the frameworks, extensions and patterns to use with React. One I will be picking out in this article is Redux, in combination with websockets.

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Work Experience

 Software Engineer & Scrum Master - Proforto (2015 - Present)

Highlights of my work:


  • Develop microservices using Node.js in the latest ECMAScript syntax;
  • Communicate between microservices with AMQP Messaging, Redis & Deepstream;
  • Integrate MongoDB with microservices and other applications;
  • Use Docker to run each microservice within it's own environment;
  • Front-end design using the material design specification;
  • Front-end engineering with React.js, Redux, Deepstream and Socket.IO;
  • Maintain website and develop new features using PHP 7 and MySQL;
Scrum Master:
  • Define sprint definitions in consultation with Product Owner and Team Members;
  • Facilitate Scrum meetings (planning, review & retrospective);
  • Facilitate the Agile process within the company;
  • Keep track and manage sprint progression;

 Graduation Intern - Avisi (2015)

During this internship, my task was to develop a frontend web application to view a visualized network based on users, companies, their actions and the relations between them. Besides that, a dynamic filter component needed to be implemented within the application to filter on the network based on:

  • The properties of users, companies and their actions.
  • Possibility to apply filters per degree or on all degrees of the network.

 Mobile Application Developer - Instore Broadcast (2014 - 2015)

In my period at Instore Broadcast B.V., I developed mobile applications for local broadcasting companies in the Netherlands. Using the Titanium framework of Appcelerator allowed me to rapidly develop mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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